Posted by: Jackie Garcia | September 11, 2010

DC Fashion Night Out

Last night I, along with some friends, had a chance to shoot at DC Fashion Night Out. They wanted us to paparazzi the red carpet event. It was a strange request but they wanted more hype and atmosphere. I’m not particularly interested in that kind of photography but the avant-garde fashion models caught my interest.  They were wonderful to photograph; totally my aesthetic. There were a few small celebrities that attended the event, whom I wasn’t too familiar with. I never keep up with celebs and TV stars, just music.

Overall, it was a fun night! We got two free Georgetown Cupcakes each. One from a man who was in a hurry and asked to cut in front of us in line. And the other was the Fashion Night Out cupcake, that was offered all day. After the red carpet event we went to grab some food provided by the Fashion Night Office. Got a cute little shirt and a Baked & Wired gift card, for helping out. My friends and I hit up a few stores. I avoided Urban Outfitters but was planning on getting some stuff from Sephora. Sadly, Sephora closed early. It’s a good thing because I’m saving up for a new camera, and need all the money I have to get it. I pretty much was left to window shop, which was actually fun seeing the hype at each store. Juicy Couture had the cutest models handing out silly bands and water. Sadly there was no free alcohol, that a friend mentioned would be offered.

Stay tuned for some photos of the event!

I have tons of work to do for my finals. And later tonight, I’m seeing one of my favorite local bands, The Bigger Lights supporting Honor By August at the 9:30 Club. Should be a blast! 😉

As promised!

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  1. I was one of the models! DO you by any chance have more photos of the models? I wanted some photos of myself at the event but not finding many… I had the most makeup on my face (pink and blue) haha. Thanks! Great photos!

    • Hey Tessa! I do have more photos and just sent you an email to ( with a few pictures.

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