Posted by: Jackie Garcia | January 2, 2011

Bands I’ve Seen Live

I’ve been forced to give up on myspace completely. I still keep that site for the reason I started it: to keep up with music from my favorite bands. And for the last few years I was also using it to update a list of a majority of the artists I’ve been fortunate to see live and how many times. But with all the obnoxious changes occurring on the myspace site, it now for some reason won’t allow my list to be updated anymore. Don’t really understand it because it’s just text…maybe it’s just too long. *wink* 😉
So the list moves to WordPress!

Simple Plan (2)
HIM (5)
Fireball Ministry (2)
Finch (2)
Skindred (2)
(4 well kinda missed the 1st show but we met them!
Good Charlotte,
Relient K,
Plain White T’s,
Straylight Run
(We ditched their show to meet Chuck & Pat)
Amber Pacific (3)(Great live)
Bella Morte (9)
(Sweet hearts that ROCK!)
The 69 Eyes (4),
some other bands i can’t remember???
Matchbook Romance,
Bloodhound Gang,
Kill Hannah (8),
Mindless Self Indulgence (3),
All Time Low (5),
Just Surrender,
Over It,
This Day & Age,
The Sounds (3),
Time Tells All (3),
Demas The Thief (4),
Kenmore (4),
Driving East,
My Favorite Highway (14),
Kill Ketura,
Tons more at The Nova All-Star Fest,
Action Reaction,
Love Arcade,
The Pink Spders,
Cobbler (2),
The War Within (3),
The Hint (4),
Crash Boom Bang (14),
Hotspur (12),
Rites of Ash (5),
3 Inches of Blood,
Cradle of Filth (2),
Killing The Cure (2),
Everyone But Pete,
So Damn Thirsty,
In Tenebris,
Mitsumassyu (2),
Dem Friday Night Boyz (6),
Eric James,
Sparky’s Flaw,
Night Kills The Day,
Fair To Midland,
Wednesday 13,
Brighten (2),
Secondhand Serenade (boring),
Hawthorne Heights,
The Maine (2),
The Morning Light,
Vains of Jenna (4),
The Perfects (2),
The Start(2),
The Birthday Massacre (5),
Madina Lake,
Styles of Beyond,
The Bled,
Saosin (2),
Julien K (2),
Taking Back Sunday,
My Chemical Romance,
Linkin Park,
Monty Are I,
Sum 41,
CKY (2),
GWAR (2),
She Wants Revenge (2),
Hanzel und Gretyl,
Steve Moakler (2),
The Drugstore Cowboys (2),
I Saw a Ghost,
The Bigger Lights (5),
Jefferson Third,
Conditions (2),
Creature Feature,
Schoolyard Heroes,
The Dance Party (8),
Pictures in Pieces,
Hit The Lights (2),
There For Tomorrow,
The Cab (2),
Metro Station,
Cobra Starship,
The White Tie Affair,
The Medic Droid,
Gorgeous Frankenstein,
Stacy Clark,
Every Avenue,
Mayday Parade,
The Delta Fiasco,
Your Vegas,
Shiny Toy Guns (2),
Mercy Mercedes (2),
New Rock Church of Fire,
Boys Will Be Boys (4),
Karate High School,
Letter to You,
Lights Resolve,
The All American Rejects,
Ego Likeness (3),
B.Faithful (2),
The Downtown Fiction (3),
No Doubt (2),
Asthetic Perfection,
The Summer Set,
Rocket to The Moon,
Ever Since Ebbwood,
Life On High,
Pathway To Providence,
Fall From Grace,
Jet (2),
The Bravery,
NoCo (2),
Foxy Shazam (2),
Paper Route,
Seventh Vail,
Dirty Penny,
Dark Dissolve,
The Becoming,
Dommin (2),
Papa Roach,
Find Vienna,
Runner Runner,
Margot MacDonald (2),
No Second Troy,
Drive A,
We Are The Fallen,
Synthetic Division,
Bad City,
Smashing Pumpkins,
Struan Shields,
From Coast To Skyline,
Dir En Grey,
The Narrative,
Sing Me Insomnia,
The Kin,
Honor By August,
My Enemy Complete,
Atomic Tom,
The State Department,
Middle Distance Runner,
Redline Addiction,
The Blue Line,
Ra Ra Rasputin (2),
The Influence,
The Resistance,
Cerca Torva,
Dave Trichter,
Steel Train,
Not Liable,
Elim (2),
The Shield Brothers,
The Static,
Edie Sedgewick,
The Wanted,
The Darkness.

Going to so many concerts is where my passion for music photography developed. I took photographing with point-and-shoot cameras so seriously, and eventually moved to more advance equipment. Sadly, many of my old point-and-shoots didn’t survive. My first digital Kodak camera still works! But the LCD screen got destroyed at an All Time Low concert at Rams Head Live. It’s ironic to think it took an ATL show to destroy one of my cameras and not one of the metal shows I’ve been too. One of my film cameras is in good condition but doesn’t get as much use. My second digital camera got lost during a Karaoke night with friends, but that’s another story. I miss having a not messed up handheld camera. My eyes are on a Canon G12, but that will be after I upgrade to a better SLR camera.

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