Posted by: Jackie Garcia | January 11, 2011

Portfolio Assessment 1

All of the fall quarter was super hectic preparing for my first portfolio assessment. I didn’t make it any easier considering I signed myself up for three photo classes, when I’m used to just taking one along with gen. eds. Having those three photos classes was overwhelming at times but I don’t regret it because I learned a ton, which aided my portfolio images. I got two of my portfolio images from my Studio class, learned some retouching in Digital Photo Illustration, and learned how to maintain a color working environment and print in my Digital Darkroom class. I couldn’t have taken that class at a more perfect time! I made my first panoramic in that class, and a pretty good one for my first I like to think. Along with all the editing I learned, I was able to print all my images myself. I had complete control on the outcome of those prints. I made a custom paper profile and did individual paper adjustments.

Getting the required materials for class and portfolio were a struggle to locate at times, but I eventually found everything I needed. It was an extra expensive quarter. I had my assessment on a Friday, and then it was winter break. I felt good about it, but was nervous and anxious waiting those three weeks to come back to school and find out my results.

And earlier this week I finally got my results. I was super stoked and proud to pass with an average of 3.37 from my three person panel. Two were my professors, and the third was Photographer Kris Connor. It was rad having him on my panel, especially because he’s shot some music photography himself. Here’s a link to his website:

And here are my 10 images:

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