Posted by: Jackie Garcia | February 27, 2011

The Dance Party at 9:30 Club

Seeing The Dance Party is always a good time, but finally getting to photograph them at 9:30 Club was something I’ve wanted to do since I first saw them perform. The Dance Party rapidly grew to be one of my favorite bands, and lucky me, they’re local! I’ve shot them before at smaller venues like rock and roll hotel but the lighting is always poor there. My friend Rosie let me borrow her speed light for their 9:30 show, something that would have come in handy at past shows. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I’ve been renting equipment from my school and wouldn’t have been able to check out a flash again for The Dance Party, but Rosie came to my rescue this time. I was better prepared to photograph them, and 9:30’s lights are always great.

The guys are a total blast, full of energy and they get the whole crowd dancing. New album “Touch” is fantastic. Totally recommend it! I love Mick’s moves. His crazy-fun dancing is the reason I’ve wanted to shoot this band. He’s a real character and a great front man. All that movement has always made it hard for me to take some good/clean shots of the band, sense I often do long exposures. But better prepared for this show and with nicer venue lighting, I’m proud of the recent photos I shot of the band.

I freakin’ adore this band. Underground music is sometimes the best kept secret but I can see The Dance Party hitting the mainstream. I’ve heard their tunes played on a few TV shows and more recently for all you fist pumping fans, song “Jenny, Wait!” was played on the Jersey Shore.

Concert Date: 1/7/2011

*Will post more photos later; been busy with location shoots 🙂

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The Dance Party:

Rosie’s Flickr:

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