Posted by: Jackie Garcia | July 27, 2011

The Interior

A few months ago I had a shoot with Kevin Famoso of The Interior. Kevin’s a local VA artist and I’ve been a fan of his bands Kenmore and Boys Will Be Boys for years. The first time I saw Kenmore was along with bands All Time Low, My Favorite Highway, Demas The Thief, Driving East, and Time Tells All. That show remains to be one of my favorites due to the great music I heard and the good times shared with my friends. The Interior is Kevin’s solo project and I’m stoked to hear more music from him. His EP titled “Self Portrait” was released on iTunes and Zune July 26, you know you want it! 😉

All in all, this shoot was rather laid back and casual, just the way I like it. Working with musicians is always fun and way less stressful than fashion shoots. And I was happy to photograph one of my favorite local musicians. Kevin and I decided to shoot in Georgetown in Washington, DC… right after that little flood. The canal was so low in this black and white shot.Kevin was a blast to work with. He was energetic and really involved in the shoot. Working with someone who knows what they want always makes things easier. And it’s not too hard to take a nice picture of a good looking, stylish guy. I used natural light and external flash to light this shoot.

It’s not easy taking on a musical project all by yourself but Kevin’s one talented guy and has done I great job from what I’ve heard. You can hear some of The Interior’s tunes here:

I was referred by his good friends in Hit This City 

Check them out as well. I lost my band promo virginity to these guys 😉

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