Posted by: Jackie Garcia | December 31, 2011

V.I.P. Weekend With Crash Boom Bang

I’ve been letting my blog collect dust for quit some time, so I thought I’d finally sit down and tell about one of the more fun weekends I’ve had in a while. On October 22nd and 23rd my friends in Crash Boom Bang, a band I’ve been a fan of for a long time, just finished recording their music video for their song V.I.P. off their EP “These Wild Things.”

Just a few days before the shoot my friend Amanda Deprez tells me about CBB’s music video shoot and told me to ask Doug about helping out. I shot him a text asking if he needed any extra assistants for the shoot and he had already sent out an email looking for PA’s, I had received the email as well. 🙂 The first day of shooting was at District Underground Nightclub in D.C. I arrived there at 2:00pm met up with my friend Amanda and greeted Doug and the 8112 team. I began helping them unload equipment and shortly after the band arrived. I was greeted with hugs and smiles, I’ve missed these guys.  I had a chance to lightly catch up with the guys and hang out for a moment and eat some delicious sandwiches. I helped direct extras for part of the day and got to shoot some behind the scene shots of CBB’s performance scene. Those lights were sick! I kept telling Omar (vocalist) to do some Michael Jackson moves so hopefully I see those in the video haha. I ended up having to leave early, to cover for someone at my part time job, and missed their next scene, shot at Studio 52 in DC. I was really bummed having to leave because I didn’t have much of chance to hang out. I said “bye” to the guys and Chaucer (guitarist) said he’d fill me in on their shoot the next day.


So, I went to work. It was super slow, saw like 8 people and was hoping to be elsewhere. After closing the store and arriving home, I realized I left the safe key in my pocket…again. So I knew I would have to drop it off in the early morning at 7:00am. Thus, I woke up early the next day and hadn’t yet received anything from Chaucer. I texted him asking what the deal was with today’s shoot. He responded with “We’re in Potomac, MD, at a Mansion. The cars are about to arrive. Can you shoot behind the scene pics?” I responded “uhhh what happened to shooting in Georgetown, D.C.? lol.” I asked to borrow my dad’s car, stopped by my school to rent a better camera than my own and made my way to Potomac, MD. Chaucer ended up giving me the wrong address but the right street. Once, I realized the address was wrong I just drove and kept an eye out for a video crew. A few minutes pass and I see a production crew, that was easy. 😉 I drove up the mansion drive way as Doug, driving one of the Bentley cars for the shoot, stopped and gave me a look. I heard someone say “are you kidding me?” And my immediate reaction was “shit, I just ruined a shot.” I shouted out my right window and asked Raul (bassist) if I ruined the shot, he laughed and said “you totally just did,” and motions me to park the car in back. After I parked the car I met with the guys and they reassured me that I didn’t ruin a shot and that they hadn’t started shooting yet….thanks Raul! 😡 That morning was fun, and I shared some laughs with the guys. I had to head out early to return my dad’s car and said I’d meet up with the guys later in Georgetown. Pergrin Perez had to leave earlier as well to start setting things up for the “yacht” scene. We took a quick walk around the Mansion, who’s owner was a very sweet lady. Then Pergrin and I made our way back to D.C.

I dropped off Pergrin, then made my way home before heading back to Georgetown. I live in Arlington so made it to the waterfront rather fast. I waited by the waterfront as Pergrin and Nicholas Cambata of 8112 Studios arrived on a boat to pick me and a few of the video girls up. Once on the yacht, I took a moment to introduce myself to some of the people working that day. Dina Dyme, the makeup artist from the night before was working on the yacht scene as well. We talked about doing some work together in the future, which I’m so stoked about. Dina started doing makeup for a few of the ladies including leading lady Morgan Summers, before the boys arrived to get their makeup done haha. I was super bummed the day before because I didn’t get to hang out, but the following day made up for it! Omar (vocalist & guitarist), was doing his scenes on the other side of the yacht as the rest of us chatted, snacked on m&m’s and enjoyed some drinks. Mauricio (drummer) and I talked about how surreal this whole video shoot was, this was “big league shit, stuff rappers do.” Mauricio mentioned how our friend Alex aka 80-Two of Rites of Ash, who was lending CBB his van for the shoot, wouldn’t believe any of it. We couldn’t of had better weather for the fall, it was sunny and gorgeous out.


We all had a blast shooting and hanging out on the yacht, we didn’t want to leave. And it seemed like we wouldn’t leave the yacht to get the last scenes done in Old Town Alexandria, VA. We eventually did make our way back to land and Nicholas took a moment to thank me for coming out to the shoot. He’s super nice and I appreciated him thanking me considering I didn’t do much that day except shoot behind the scene photos. He was a little surprised when I told him I was also going to Alexandria for the bank vault scene. I hitched a ride with the band to shoot the last scenes of the video. It was a long day for the crew, Morgan, and the band whom all had about three hours of sleep. I was pretty tired myself but was able to get more sleep then them. We went to a fishing store, which the name I can’t remember. The man working that night was really nice and funny and I’m pretty sure he told Morgan and I his name was “Grizzly.” Not sure if I remember all the details right but he did tell us a story about smashing his finger tips which made me cringe. Grizzly asked us to be careful around the fishing polls because they cost up to $500.00, so my first instinct was to keep Raul and Omar, whom were just a little tipsy, away. 😉 The final scene involved lots of smoke which had set off the fire alarm on the block. Which led to a little visit from the fire department. Despite everyone being super exhausted the bank vault scenes looked like some of the coolest footage. I’m stoked for the final video to be released. I had a blast that weekend thanks to 8112 Studios and Crash Boom Bang.<3



Crash Boom Bang will be headlining at The 9:30 Club, on January 7th, 2012. They’re having their official CD Release. Get your tickets NOW! See ya there and “hard copies for everyone!” 😉

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“It’s a wrap!” -Douglas Sonders


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