Posted by: Jackie Garcia | April 17, 2012

Shooting the Space Shuttle in Arlington!

I was shooting the space shuttle by the Netherlands Carillon for my Photojournalism 2 class! This was super exciting, I was being a total photo dork and was even shaking and had to bump up the shutter to 1,000 because of it haha. I’m thinking I just filled a photojournalism category for my final portfolio review at school! ;D Thank you Prof. Dan Currier!

Some of my photos:



Some feature photos I shot for class. Everyone I met was super sweet and excited to watch the shuttle.



  1. its a small small world! Hey Jackie – i’m one of the newbies with softbox and saw your gold photos (lovely)…anyhow i was cruising your site and had to laugh as the mama & boy above are good good friends of mine! Hope to meet you soon. ~jenn a.

    • Awesome! Thanks for checking out my site! And I’m sure we’ll run into each other sooner or later, it is a small world after all haha

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