Posted by: Jackie Garcia | April 10, 2013

Aurora -Fashion Editorial by Jackie Garcia

Aurora is a fashion editorial I shot in January, and was published in Elléments Magazine Book 2 Spring Issue. My friend and model Victoria asked to do another shoot with me and I said yes! After all she did donate herself to me when I was just starting out shooting. She gave me full creative freedom so I just did my thing and put together an awesome team. It’s so important to have a strong team when shooting fashion. And I was super excited to have wardrobe stylist Nicolette Smith join us. I usually pull looks myself but I was able to focus on being a photographer and not worry about gathering clothes.

Gear Used:

Canon L-series 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, Canon 5D Mark ii Camera

ProPhoto, Hensel lighting.

Gaffer Tape, Color Gels, White and Black Backdrop Paper.

I wanted to play with gel lighting and get creative. The lighting didn’t change too much aside from switching out gels and adjusting the powers of the lights to get the effect I wanted.


The first four images: The kicker/red rim Hensel lights were about 3/4 of a stop higher than the key light. I used a Pro Photo light as the key with no attachment. I used another light pointing straight down on the paper to bounce up and fill the model from below giving her a yellow glow from below. I didn’t do much editing to the lighting aside from a little contrast and basic retouching in post production. I did desaturate the rhinestones in the first two photos to make them pop more.

JackieGarcia-3 copy

For the gold and pink look: I pulled back the kicker lights and angled them so they would light more of her body. I attached a beauty dish to the key light, using no gel, and removed the fill light. And the kick lights stayed about 3/4 of a stop higher than the key light, just strong enough to show that color but not too high to blow out detail.

JackieGarcia-5 copy

JackieGarcia-9 copy

For the final look I went back to the first lighting setup but didn’t use the yellow fill light this time.

JackieGarcia-11 copy

Ultimately the lighting setup was pretty basic but I had to play around with the power depending on how each gel effected the light.

The behind the scene shots can give you a visual idea of how the lighting was set up.


Links/team credits:

Jackie Garcia Photography:

Model: Victoria Bella Dankmeyer

Hair Stylist: Ron Blush

Makeup Artist: Soo Park:

Wardrobe Stylist: Nicolette Smith
(Northern, VA Photography Studio of Tim Coburn)

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