Posted by: Jackie Garcia | September 30, 2015

The Neighbourhood at 9:30 Club (SOLD OUT)


California proud band, The Neighbourhood, sold out 9:30 Club on Monday September 28, that a second show was added the following day. The once mysterious band is now very well known and adored by their fans. 9:30 Club was packed, with the majority of “hoodlum” fans being young girls. In between songs there was no silence, as the fans screamed passionately for the next song to begin.


The Neighbourhood has said before, that they are much more than a band of five musicians but have a whole team that makes up The Neighbourhood. The extended family creates the band’s visuals that were originally the face of the band, when they first emerged on the internet. Now those stunning visuals are brought to the live show. “The Flood 2015” tour is packed with an impressive light show and video screen visuals that captivated the audience.


It seemed like everyone had their cell phones out at times to record the concert.


The visuals were all unique, keeping the show fresh and complimented the live performance. The Neighbourhood continues to experiment with their sound, incorporating hip­hop influences and collaborators. The band premiered songs off their new album “Wiped Out,” available for pre­order and to be released October 30th. They made a big splash in the main stream radio with their single “Sweater Weather.”


As expected fans were excited when sweater weather was performed but were just as excited to hear the newest singles, especially the more energetic songs. Given the fans reactions to the old and new songs, reinforces that The Neighbourhood is far from a one hit wonder buzz band.

JGP_NBHD-4052  JGP_NBHD-4017 JGP_NBHD-4011JGP_NBHD-4061 JGP_NBHD-3898  JGP_NBHD-3984 JGP_NBHD-3904

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Photos and words by Jackie Garcia



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